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First Alert
California Grapes
Generation S Sickle Cell PSA
El Palacio de Hierro​ ​(Various​ ​Projects) Sally Beauty Supply México
Paragon Casino
Game Face​ ​Spitzer​ ​Autoworld
US Bartender’s Guild
Digest Diet​ ​for​ ​Reader’s Digest Scream: S​eason 3​ ​EPK, MTV

Additional clients: Zelis, Accenture, Intel, Kroger, Whole Foods, Samsung



Like Me Deadly
When You Need Them

These Promises



Bryer’s Ice Cream

Trigger Warning with Killer Mike​,​ N​etflix
Knife or Death,​ ​​Outpost Entertainment, ITV
BMW USA Drifting World Record​,​ ​The Vault NYC 

Great Big Story:​ ​That’s Amazing​,​ ​Turner Broadcasting 

Love and Vets​,​ ​Half Yard Productions
Black Ink​,​ ​Season 5 (Atlanta Unit) Big Fish Productions

Love and Hip Hop Reunion: New York
Ten-One​ C​omedy​ ​Pilot EPK: Pitch Interview
Unique Whips​ ​(Sizzle)
Recovery Month​ ​(SAMHSA)
Who Arted?​ C​omedic​ ​Doc, Atlanta Unit
The Love Vote​ ​(​​)
Green Chimneys f​or Newman’s Own


Dynasty ​(Additional, Seasons 1-3)
Brockmire ​(A Camera, Season 3)
Miracle Workers ​(A Camera, Adtl. Photography, Season 1) 

Blue Ridge ​(Additional)
Holidate​ (Additional)
Boss Level ​(Additional)

POMS (​ Additional)

Ambitions​ (Additional, Season 1)
Swagger​ (Additional, Season 1)
Boomerang ​(Additional, Season 2)
Doom Patrol ​(Additional, Season 1)
Charming the Hearts of Men ​(Additional)
Stargirl​ (Additional, Season 1)
Come Sunday ​(B Camera, Additional Photography)
The Gifted (​ Season 2, Additional)
Step Up ​(Season 2, Additional)
Insatiable ​(Season 1, Additional)

Star ​(Seasons 2-3, Additional 1st AC)
Legacies ​(Stunt Unit)

MacGyver (​ Additional, Season 3-4)

Cobra Kai​ (Additional, Season 3)
The Resident ​(Pilot, Additional, 2nd Unit)
Summer ’03 ​(Additional)
Klitchko (​ Sports Documentary, Germany)
Nowitzki ​(Sports Documentary, Germany)


Commercials:​ Pepsi, Old Spice, 7-Eleven, BMW Motorcycles, Samsung Galaxy 6, Joe Fresh, MAC, Hunger Games: Catch Fire Promos, Junior NBA, Verizon, Wal-Mart, American Family Insurance, Hilton Hotels, BB&T, Reebok, Metabo,, CAT



Saturday Night Live ​Film Unit (Seasons 39-41) 

Staten Island Summer ​(Addl. Photog. A Cam) 

Crazy House (Pilot, A-Cam)
Dave Attell’s Underground Comedy ​(A Cam) 

Run All Night ​(VFX Unit)

Babylon Fields (Splinter Unit) 

The Strain ​(Splinter Unit) 

Daredevil (Promos


Commercials: BP Winter Olympics 2014, Campaign Southwest Airlines​
​ Polo Ralph Lauren, White Castle, Joe’s Crab Shack, ​
Bob Evans, NBC Meredith Vieira Launch, iShares by BlackRock,
Duty Free Shopping, Les Miserables Promos

REALITY/ DOC Camera Assistant

Wyatt Cenac’s ​Problem Areas​ (dayplayer) 

Mob Wives: ​Season 5-6 (Lead AC) 

Married to Medicine​: Season 4-7
Growing Up Gotti: R​eunion

Project Runway
Project Runway All-Stars


ABJ Telecommunication Arts/ Spanish Minor University of Georgia, 2004

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